30 Minute HIIT Workout

Grasshopper Burpees

The Grasshopper pushup is an advanced exercise that specifically targets your chest and core muscles. It also focuses on improving your flexibility in your groin and hip muscles. This exercise, which can be used to perform a 30 minute HIIT workout, is a way to make your pushups more difficult while developing different parts of your body.

30 Minute HIIT Workout

How to Perform a Grasshopper Pushup/Burpee

Begin by standing in an upright position.Screen shot 2015-08-17 at 10.29.22 PM
Squat down and place both of your hands on the ground just in front of your feet.
Kick both feet out so that you are in a regular push up position.
Take your right leg and bring it underneath and across your body while you simultaneously lower yourself to the ground by bending both of your arms to perform your push up.
Repeat by doing the same exact process with your left leg.
Bring both feet back beneath your body and jump upwards to complete your burpee.
*This is equivalent to 1 complete rep – Repeat 10 times and run 100 yards following your 10th rep to complete 1 full Grasshopper Burpee Interval set.

Prepare Accordingly

It is imperative that you always be sure to stretch thoroughly before performing an intense training exercise such as this. With Grasshopper Burpees, you are utilizing several different parts of your body including your hips, groin, chest, triceps and abs. All of these muscles are put to work during the grasshopper push up.

Completing the burpee involves more leg strength as you can either jump vertically with your hands in the air, perform a tuck jump (bringing your knees to your chest), or complete a lunge jump with both legs. This exercise is truly a full body workout and the last thing you want to do is suffer an injury. Stay away from this exercise if you have knee, back or hip problems.

30 Minute HIIT Workout

Where and How to Perform This Workout

As is the case with all burpee intervals, you only need about 40 yards of space (preferably grass) for this 30 minute HIIT workout. Any local school, park or field should do the trick. I always try to stay away from concrete or cement due to the added pressure that it puts on your knees. I like to perform grasshopper burpees by combining them with other variations of burpees within my burpee interval workouts.

To add more intensity (and weight) to this workout, try using a weight vest. This will not only increase the challenge of this exercise, but it will also add resistance that your body will be forced to adjust to. Ultimately, you will burn more fat and by forcing your body into overdrive, you will continue burning fat even after your workout is complete.

Example of 1 Workout Routine

Clapping Pushup Burpees – 1 set of 10 followed by a 100 yard run.
Broad Jump Burpees – 1 set of 10 followed by a 100 yard run.
Grasshopper Burpees – 1 set of 10 followed by a 100 yard run.
Single Leg Burpees – 1 set of 5 for each leg followed by a 100 yard run.
*Repeat as desired with a 60 second rest in between sets.
You can also focus entirely on grasshopper pushup burpees. Perform as many sets as you desire and/or feel you can maintain at a good level of intensity. The key with these workouts is to have fun with them and change things up often. This 30 minute HIIT workout will physically drain you and leave you feeling exhausted, but you will not only get a great full-body workout, you will also shred fat a rapid pace in a short amount of time.


For a quick video sample of the grasshopper pushup/burpee, click on the video below. Please feel free to leave comments on this post as well. I value all feedback and will respond to all comments within 24 hours.