Advanced HIIT Jump Workout

Ninja Jumps

Ninja jumps are an advanced HIIT jump workout that is essentially a double jump. The jump actually begins with you standing straight up, but not on your feet. Your starting position is from your knees and you wind up jumping twice to complete the exercise.

Two Parts

Part one is the initial jump from your knees to your feet. When performing this jump you will be utilizing your lower back, legs, and lower abs. It is important that you focus on swinging your arms because you need them to help leverage your body as it gains momentum to jump upwards from your knees.

Just as you are about to jump from your knees you should be sucking your stomach in and bring your arms back behind you. This gives you more power to help you catch enough air to land on your feet.

Part two takes place immediately after you land on your feet. When you land on your feet you will wind up in a squatting position. From there you will explode upward, bringing your knees to your chest to perform a tuck jump.

Advanced HIIT Jump Workout

Adding Ninja Jump to your Workout

I like to integrate ninja jumps into many of my different High Intensity Interval Training workouts. I often do a set of 10 ninja jumps followed by a 100 yard run or a 50 yard bear crawl/50 yard run.


Screen shot 2015-08-21 at 11.24.03 PMThis is a slightly more advanced jump that focuses more on your lower body and abs compared to burpees, which put greater emphasis on your upper body. If you have any type of knee or lower back problems it would be wise to stay away from this exercise.

Your explosiveness will be much improved if you perform Ninja Jumps frequently and at a fast pace over time. You will also benefit by burning fat as your body will be working hard in several different areas (legs, abs and lower back) as we discussed earlier and your heart rate will increase with each rep.

To add more intensity (and weight) to this workout, try using a weight vest. This will not only increase the challenge of this exercise, but it will also add resistance that your body will be forced to adjust to. Ultimately, you will burn more fat and by forcing your body into overdrive, you will continue burning fat even after your workout is complete.

Advanced HIIT Jump Workout


Click on the video below for a sample of how to perform this advanced HIIT jump workout. As always, I appreciate you stopping by and I welcome you to leave a comment below if you would like to share your feedback, thoughts or questions with me.