Burpee Challenge Workout

Burpee Challenge Workout:

Screen shot 2015-07-14 at 12.07.18 AMPerform 25 burpee’s – Run 100 yards (Repeat 4 times for a total of 100 burpees and 400 yards).

Choose the type of burpee you want to perform, but make sure it is one that you can sustain for the entire workout. When performing this burpee challenge workout, keep in mind that you will be repeating each repetition a total of 100 times in a very short period of time. If you struggle to complete 5 sets of 10 burpee pushup sets then it is probably best that you elect to perform regular burpees for this workout.

Burpee Challenge Workout

The time that you rest in between sets should be no longer than 60 seconds. You can also elect to perform a regular jump at the end of each burpee repetition or you can choose to do a tuck jump, bringing your knees to your chest. Another alternative would be a lunge jump, which would actually require two jumps because you will need to bring both your right knee and then your left knee up to your chest to complete the entire rep.

Screen shot 2015-07-13 at 11.50.55 PMAlways Be Sure To Get The Most Out Of Each Repetition

This is crucial since you are performing a high intensity interval workout. If I feel like I underperformed a repetition I will complete it again. For example, if I am on number 17 and I catch myself not doing what I consider to be a satisfactory repetition I will repeat number 17 again before proceeding to number 18. GET COMFORTABLE BEING HARD ON YOURSELF.

Screen shot 2015-07-24 at 11.02.20 PM

You are going to feel exhausted and your entire body is going to be begging you to quit. Remember to relax your shoulders when you are running your 100 yards and focus on breathing. The workout will be over before you know it and by the time you catch your breath you want to feel like you got the absolute most out of your workout.

Variations of This Challenge

Alternatives to running a full 100 yards in between your 25 burpees can be side shuffling 50 yards each side; bear crawling 50 yards and then running the remaining 50 yards; back pedaling 50 yards and then turning and running the remaining 50 yards; or if you want to get really extreme you can run 10 yards, drop to the ground so that your chest hits the grass, immediately get back up to your feet and continue running. Drop to the ground every 10 yards for the full 100 yards.

I always recommend to start slowly and don’t jump right into something that is too extreme. You can always adjust or alter your workout on the fly, but it is best to stick to your planned routine. If you need to intensify your workout any further just switch to a more advanced burpee or to one of the running alternatives that I listed above. You can also always add another 25 burpees and 100 yards for a total of 5 complete sets, but with high intensity workouts you are better off increasing the intensity of your exercises rather than lengthening your workout.

Burpee Challenge Workout


I hope you conquer my burpee challenge workout and please let me know how it worked out for you. I would love to hear your feedback and please feel free to ask any questions or leave your feedback in the comments section below. To add more intensity (and weight) to this workout, try using a weight vest. This will not only increase the challenge of this exercise, but it will also add resistance that your body will be forced to adjust to. Ultimately, you will burn more fat and by forcing your body into overdrive, you will continue burning fat even after your workout is complete.


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