Elevation Training Mask

Extreme Fitness

Elite athletes who train for different sports all around the world are using this elevation training mask to gain a competitive edge on their competition.  High altitude training makes the air thinner, which forces your body to work even harder. In other words – Your body will feel like it is suffocating. This ultimately increases your ability to process oxygen.

Ultimate Fat Burner WorkoutTuck jump with mask

Using an Elevation Training Mask will also allow you to burn fat at a much more rapid pace compared to a regular workout that is performed at a slower, steady pace. There is nothing wrong with those types of workouts, but the advantage of high intensity training and utilizing an elevation is mask is that not only can you burn more fat in a shorter period of time, but will also burn fat after you are done with your workout.

Oxygen Efficiency

Benefits of using the elevation training mask include: Increased lung capacity, increased diaphragm strength, increased oxygen efficiency and increased mental and physical stamina. You can change your desired level of altitude by changing the air Resistance valves on the front of the mask.

Elevation Training Mask

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In the video below, I have my mask set to 9,000 feet. I am breathing much deeper than I normally would and I am forcing my body into complete overdrive.

This workout begins with 50 jumping jacks and a jog to the park that is equivalent to about 400 meters. I complete 12 full intervals with each interval consisting of 5 shoulder clap/tuck jump burpees followed by a 50 yard run.

Elevation Training Mask