Explosive HIIT Training Mask Workout

The Ultimate Explosive Exercise

The Skydiver push-up is an explosive exercise that requires great energy and excellent body control. A picture of myself performing one of these push-ups can be seen on my main picture at the top left corner of the page.

Explosive HIIT Training Mask Workout

Advanced Push-up

The skydiver push-up is an advanced push-up that should not be attempted if you are not able to perform a clapping push up or a shoulder clap push up. The difference with the skydiver push up and these other advanced push-ups is that your entire body is elevating off of the ground instead of just your upper body.

When you perform a clapping push up, you are exploding up, but keeping your feet on the ground while clapping your hands. The process is almost the exact same for the shoulder clap push up where you are exploding up while keeping your feet on the ground, but you are crossing your arms and clapping your both of your shoulders with your hands instead of bringing your hands together.

Explosive HIIT Training Mask Workout

How to Perform a Skydiver Push up

The skydiver push up is performed by following the steps below: Screen shot 2015-10-25 at 10.51.50 PM

  1. Begin in a standard push up position.
  2. Bend your elbows and bring your chest down toward the ground just like you would if you were executing a regular push up.
  3. Explode up by pushing up off of the ground and raising your arms above your head and to the side of your body (almost as if you are flying).
  4. Simultaneously bring your legs up off of the ground with the rest of your body and spread them out to both sides (You will look like a skydiver in free fall, hence the name).
  5. Bring your legs back together and your arms back in before landing.

This completes one rep. There are a variety of different ways that you can go about performing this advanced push up exercise. I have listed a few examples below:

  1. Sets of 5-10 reps.
  2. Begin by standing and perform as a burpee. Complete 5 reps and run 100 yards. Repeat as desired.
  3. Begin by standing and perform as a burpee. Jump forward (broad jump) following each rep 5-8 times as desired.

*If you wish to challenge yourself even more, consider adding an Elevation Training Mask to your workout.


In the video below, I have my mask set to 9,000 feet. This forces myself to breathe much deeper than I normally would and I am forcing my body into complete overdrive.

The workout begins with 50 jumping jacks followed by a run to the park which is equivalent to about 400 meters. The main part of the workout is listed below:

  1. 5 skydiver push up burpees with a tuck jump.
  2. Run 50 yards/walk back.
  3. 5 double burpees with a shoulder clap push up and a tuck jump.
  4. Run 50 yards/walk back.
  5. Repeat both sets 5 times for a grand total of 10 sets.

*Bonus sets – Bear crawl 50 yards/run 50 yards x 2.