Mens Skeletoe Aqua Sock Water Shoes

Mens Skeletoe Aqua Sock Water Shoes are the best friend of anyone who spends significant time engaging in active water sports. The foot & toe protection, combined with the superb traction, makes aqua shoes the ideal footwear for exercise, training &anyone who climbs in & out of the water frequently. In short, water shoes are the most versatile footwear available for anyone who participates in active water sports.

What is a Water Shoe?

Before going further, it might be helpful to describe what a water shoe is. To make it simple, a water shoe is a specialized form of footwear that provides outstanding traction & foot/toe protection for men & women engaged in active water sports. Men’s aqua shoes & Women’s aqua shoes differ from water sandals in that their design has a “closed toe” & also covers a lot, or all, of the top of the foot. The traction provided by a water shoe is also superior compared to that of a water sandal.

Benefits of Water Shoes

A review of the Aqua Shoe tells us that there are several benefits of water shoes that cannot be found in other footwear. They also provide safety & traction, while being lightweight & comfortable at the same time.

Comfort:Wet feet can quickly become uncomfortable & frigid, especially in colder weather. Water shoes dry fast, giving your feet the capability to recover their warmth.

Safety: It helps to protect feet from unexpected circumstances, such as uneven roads that can result in an injury. They also help to shield feet from the hot roadway.

Traction:Water shoes provide great traction on slippery & wet surfaces, helping to prevent slips& trips near the water. Their traction stalks from the matchless tread pattern on the sole of the shoe, which acts in a different way than traditional footwear deals on wet surfaces.

Lightweight:When submerged, water shoes are able to efficiently drain water, allowing them to stay lightweight. They are specifically designed to quickly dispose of water through the shoes’ multiple drainage holes.

Mens Skeletoe Aqua Sock Water Shoes

Mens Skeletoe Aqua Sock Water Shoes

What to Look for When Buying Fresko Water Shoes for Men or Women

If you are purchasing Fresko water shoes, it is best to try them on first, as this ensures a proper fit. You should choose a shoe style based on your planned use. If you want to wear the water shoes for intense water sports, such as white water rafting, you should be sure that the shoes fit properly on your feet to avoid losing them. Extra slip protection is also recommended for this type of activity.

Recommendation & Where to Buy Water Shoes

The Norty Aqua Shoes are the best water shoe I use & recommend. These shoes are by far the most popular and for good reason. Norty Aqua shoes provide superb traction, are very durable & protect the foot from nasty encounters with rocks, paddles and other sharp objects such as a glass. Norty aqua shoes are the best shoes to wear in the pool, which is where I use my shoes the most for my HIIT water workouts.

Mens Skeletoe Aqua Sock Water Shoes


  • Synthetic material
  • Breathable mesh panels allow for air and water to flow & dry quickly
  • No-slip grip rubber out-sole with good traction
  • Stretch neoprene upper for easy pull on
  • Secure and easy fit with an adjustable drawstring tight cord
  • Norty is a registered trademark

Where to Buy

Norty’s Aqua Water Shoes are sold both offline & online. They make numerous closed-toe foot wears, including Fresko Aqua Shoes and are very highly reccommended by several customers on Amazon.

Online, these are available in a multitude of retailers, including:

Amazon – Sells the complete assortment of Aqua shoes for women & aqua shoes for men.

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