SKLZ Speed Resistance Training Parachute

Maximize your Top-End Speed

Speed can be divided into three vital phases – acceleration, transition and top-running speed. The SKLZ Speed Resistance Training Parachute helps promote your speed for the transition and top-end phases. Using the speed parachute develops quick ground contact, upright posture and leg recovery. When you come into the transition phase, you are progressively moving your body into an upright posture while sustaining and increasing the speed that was developed during the acceleration phase of the run. In the top-end velocity phase, your aim is to enhance running economy at top-end speeds while reducing rotational movements and maximizing the reactivity of the body.



Free-Motion Ring with 360-Degree Rotation Belt

The 360-degree rotation belt is Omani-directional,  letting you train in different positions. When placed on the left or right hip, it allows you to get off the line laterally like you would while breaking quickly to the hoop or stealing a base. When placed at the center of your back, it allows for a parallel or linear start. Now, because of the free-motion ring, it can easily slide around your waist while mid-stride to change your directions from backward to forward or forward to backward like a wide receiver looking for a ball.


Quick-Release Belt Buckle

To provide the ultimate experience of speed resistance training workouts, the Speed Parachute comes with a quick-release buckle for that mid-stride, shot out of a cannon sensation. Unclip mid-stride in order to accelerate, which will allow your body to feel lighter and help you move faster.


SKLZ Speed Resistance Training Parachute

Fully-Adjustable, Heavy-Duty Nylon Belt

The 2-inch heavy-duty nylon belt is fully adjustable to fit sportspeople of all sizes.


Reinforced Box Stitching

Built with great-quality mesh, this SKLZ Speed Parachute is stitched with re-inforced box stitching so that your parachute won’t pull away from the mesh. The mesh takes the position of the strings, making it chaos-free and further stabilizing the parachute for progressive speed resistance training exercises.


Free Training Guides – Instructional Booklets and Videos

The parachute comes with a training guide that includes speed parachute drills designed by EXOS, the leader in integrated performance nutrition, training and physical therapy for professional and elite athletes. Moreover, you will also have free access to an entire library of mobile and online workout videos so that you can learn new speed resistance training drills and get the most out of your SKLZ Speed Parachute.


Comes with Everything You Need

  • Maximize top-end speed and acceleration through resistance and over-speed training.
  • Allows movement in any direction with free motion ring 360º rotation belt.
  • Allows training with acceleration bursts with quick release belt buckle.
  • Provides approx 15-30lbs of resistance.
  • Flexible and adjustable belt fits most athletes.
  • Great quality mesh panels keep strings from tangling and helps stabilize the parachute during workouts.


Speed Parachute