Tabata Training

Tabata Training

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4 Minutes

I recently went out of the country for 2 weeks and was looking for a form of exercise that I could do to help keep my body active while I was gone. Typically, if I go on vacation I don’t care to exercise. However, 2 weeks is a long time with no physical training. Just before leaving I stumbled upon a form of High Intensity Interval Training that I have heard of, but not yet tried.

Enter Tabata: Tabata is a simple, yet very effective 4 minute interval training session. It consists of 20 second intervals followed by 10 seconds of rest. Perform 8 full intervals at maximum intensity and you will get one heck of a fat burning workout. You can use a variety of different exercises to perform Tabata workouts.

Tabata Training

The goal is to get your entire body involved and working at a high level. You can elect to use weights or you do bodyweight exercises, which is what I typically prefer. Tabata training exercises increase your oxygen consumption in a very short, but intense period of time, which helps you burn off that extra fat and still build muscle.

Tabata Training

4 Minute Fat Burning High Intensity Workouts

Sprint 20 seconds – Rest 10 seconds – Repeat 8 times

Jump rope 20 seconds – Rest 10 seconds – Repeat 8 times

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Lunge jumps 20 seconds – Rest 10 seconds

Squat jacks 20 seconds – Rest 10 seconds

Pushups 20 seconds – Rest 10 seconds

Crunches 20 seconds – Rest 10 seconds

*Repeat all 4 exercises 1 time to complete the 4 minute workout

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