Tabata Training

Tabata Training Leg Workout

There are dozens of free Tabata Timer apps available to help make your workout as efficient as possible!

*Can perform exercise with medicine ball

20 seconds – Squat Jacks

10 seconds –Rest

20 seconds – Jumping lunges

10 seconds – Rest

20 seconds – Mountain climbers

10 seconds – Rest

20 Seconds – V-ups *

REPEAT x 1 for 1 complete Tabata round.

Perform more rounds if desired.

Squat Jacks

  1. Begin in a standard squat position.
  2. Quickly bring both feet together while staying in a squatting position.
  3. Immediately move both feet back out to the standard squat position.
  4. Repeat as fast as possible for the entire 20 seconds.

Tabata Training

Jumping Lunges

  1. Begin standing straight up.
  2. Jump into a lunge position, bringing your right knee forward while dropping your left knee to the ground.
  3. Immediately jump back up and switch positions in mid-air, bringing your left knee forward and dropping your right knee to the ground.
  4. Repeat as fast as possible for the entire 20 seconds.

Mountain Climbers

  1. Begin in a standard mountain climber position similar to a bear crawl.
  2. Move both legs back and forth separately, bringing the knee of your lead leg forward each time.
  3. Repeat as fast as possible for the entire 20 seconds.


  1. Begin by lying flat on your back with both of your arms stretched out above your head.
  2. Simultaneously bring both of your legs and both of your arms up so that they meet above your stomach.
  3. Keep both legs and both arms completely straight.
  4. When bringing your arms over to your feet, you should be raising your back up off of the ground, making a V shape with your body.

Tabata Training

Tabata Timer icon175x175

For a more convenient and efficient tabata training workout, try using the TABATA TIMER. Just turn the volume up on your computer and click start. The timer gives you a 10 second preparation period at the beginning of your workout as well so that you have time to get into your starting position. Don’t assume you can simply keep track in your head or with your phone. This workout is simply just too intense and the working and resting periods are too short.

Elevation Training Mask 2.0

Elite athletes who train for different sports all around the world are using this elevation training mask to gain a competitive edge on their competition. I prefer using this mask during most of my HIIT workouts because it pushes my body into over drive and takes my workouts to a level that I used to never reach.


Using the elevation training mask during a tabata training workout will challenge you both physically and mentally. Click HERE or on the link below for more information.



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