The Bear Crawl

The Bear Crawl

You may remember the bear crawl if you played Pop Warner or High School Football growing up. I remember most of us hating it because it was so tiring and the coaches always made us do it at the end of practice as a part of our conditioning.

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The Lost Exercise

It is, in my opinion, a lost form of exercise that can offer great benefits if you choose to include it in some of your workouts. It will leave you gasping for air after just a couple of sets. One of the key benefits to bear crawling is that you are strengthening your midsection, which allows you to sculpt your core. You are also using your arms in an entirely different way than you normally would during a training session. Combine bear crawling with running and you are in for one heck of a workout!

The Bear Crawl

Below are a few sample workouts that include bear crawls:

  1. Bear crawl 50 yards – Run 50 yards – Repeat x 12
  2. 10 burpees of any type – Bear crawl 50 yards – Walk back and repeat x 12
  3. 5 burpees of any type – Bear crawl 50 yards – Run 50 yards – Repeat x 10

I also utilize bear crawls as a bonus set to the end of my workouts. As you can see in some of my recent post’s, such as my Explosive HIIT Training Mask Workout I will typically perform 2 bonus sets featuring a 50 yard bear crawl followed by a 50 yard run.

The Elevation Training Mask

To push yourself to an even more extreme level, try using an Elevation Training Mask. It will turn your 60 minute workout into a 20 minute workout!

The Bear Crawl


Bonus Sets

I usually will perform 2 bonus sets when using my elevation training mask. I will have my mask set to 9,000 feet. The mask forces me to breathe much deeper than I normally would and makes me push my body into complete overdrive. My 2 of my bonus sets consist of a 50 yard bear crawl that goes straight into a 50 yard run.

The run should always be 100%, but understand that in all likelihood you will not feel like you are running at full speed. You should feel as though your body is trying to pull you down. Focus on your form and breathing, especially if you are wearing the mask.