Vacation Workout

Hotel Room Workout – Upside Down Pyramid

Set 1: 10 pushups, 20 mountain climbers, 20 lunge jumpsupside down pyramid image
Set 2: 9 pushups, 19 mountain climbers, 19 lunge jumps
Set 3: 8 pushups, 18 mountain climbers, 18 lunge jumps
Set 4: 7 pushups, 17 mountain climbers, 17 lunge jumps
Set 5: 6 pushups, 16 mountain climbers, 16 lunge jumps
Set 6: 5 pushups, 15 mountain climbers, 15 lunge jumps
Set 7: 4 pushups, 14 mountain climbers, 14 lunge jumps
Set 8: 3 pushups, 13 mountain climbers, 13 lunge jumps
Set 9: 2 pushups, 12 mountain climbers, 12 lunge jumps
Set 1: 1 pushups, 11 mountain climbers, 11 lunge jumps

*Type of pushup can be altered.

*Number of reps can be altered for all exercises.

Vacation Workout

Alternatives/Rest Periods

If you have access to a pull up bar, try substituting that for pushups to alter the upper body portion of your workout. Lunge jumps or mountain climbers can be replaced with sit ups as well. Take about 30 seconds in between sets to rest depending on your level of physical fitness.

Warm up

Always be sure to stretch prior to performing workouts even if they are short ones. High intensity workouts put you at risk for injury and it is essential that your body is loose and ready to go. I typically do 100 jumping jacks after stretching prior to any workout when I exercise in a room, hotel, garage, etc.

Vacation Workout

Adding Weight

If you are interested in adding weights to your workout, check out this weight vest at