Valeo Medicine Ball Burpee

The Valeo Medicine Ball Burpee will add a little extra weight and intensity to your workouts. It is a more advanced form of burpees and should only be performed by those who have experience with high intensity workouts and who do not have any back or knee problems.

Utilizing a medicine ball is a great tool if you are looking to really take the next step and challenge yourself. Right now I have a total of 3 different Medicine ball burpee workouts that I combine with a couple of intervals to complete a grueling 25 minute HIIT workout session. As you can see in the image above I am focusing on my chest, triceps and abs during my medicine ball pushups. My legs and shoulders come into play at the end of my rep when I hold the ball above my head and jump vertically as high as I can without bringing my knees to my chest.

After my jump is complete I immediately slam the ball down onto the ground in one fluid motion. Once the ball settles into a fixed position I move on to the next rep. If you wish to increase the intensity even more, I suggest adding an extra pushup to each rep or simply focus on moving through your sets at a faster pace.

3 different burpeesScreen shot 2015-07-27 at 11.07.32 PM

  1. Switch arms by performing a total of 2 pushups and then completing your rep with the vertical jump.
  2. Put both arms on the ball and perform 1 diamond push up (this focuses more on your triceps) followed by your vertical jump.
  3. Combine 1 and 2 for a total of 3 pushups followed by your vertical jump at the end of each rep.

Benefits of adding a medicine ball to your workout

Adding medicine ball exercises to your interval training will help improve your explosive power as well as your speed. If you thought your body was hurting when you tried body-weight burpee intervals, wait until you try this! I typically will perform 10 reps and then run 100 yards. Plymoetric training is often intended to build explosive strength and power.

Screen shot 2015-07-27 at 11.08.02 PM

Adding a medicine ball to your plyometric training will only enhance this. Utilizing a medicine ball will not only intensify the challenge of your workout, but it will burn fat at much more rapid pace and you will be targeting your fast twitch muscle fibers, which coincides with speed and explosiveness.

Getting started

The great thing about medicine balls is that they do not just come in one set weight. It is always best to start with a light one before increasing the weight. This should always be the case if you have never used on before. As your overall level of physical (and mental) fitness continues to grow you can increase the weight of your medicine ball accordingly.

Highly Recommended Medicine Ball

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Medicine Ball


For such a cheap piece of equipment you can add a whole new element to your workout that offers such variety with what you can do. What I have explained in this post only pertains to medicine ball burpees. Medicine balls can be used for so many more exercises outside of burpees. I actually have an entire workout where I utilize the medicine ball the entire time and burpees are only 20% of the workout. Sometimes you get into a routine and even the most challenging body weight workouts can become a little boring. Adding a new piece of equipment to your routines can light a new fire and help you reach levels you would have never otherwise reached.


Check out a quick clip of me performing 3 different medicine ball burpee variations:

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