Weight Vest Workout Benefits

Carrying extra weight while working out requires additional strength and oxygen. No matter what type of exercise you are performing the more weight that you use, the more your muscles have to adjust to the increased weight. This will build strength and muscular endurance over time.

Weight vests can be used as a great device for disparity that your body will not be ready for. This unusual workout technique will allow you to throw your system off and force it to adjust as needed.

Weight Vest Workout Benefits

Advantages To Using a Weight Vest

Running or performing other various high intensity workouts such as burpees with a weight vest poses a serious challenge, as you can probably imagine. Your cardiovascular system will be forced to go into overdrive as a direct result of the increased resistance, which will ultimately strengthen your lungs. This will not only increase your lung capacity, but in the long run it will allow you to increase your overall stamina as well. Another advantage is that the bones in your body will become stronger as they continue to adjust to carrying the extra weight.

Weight Vest

Utilizing a Weight Vest With Burpee Intrervals

Utilizing your weight vest during burpee intervals doesn’t require much change, but can possibly force you to shorten your workout due to the extra energy that your body is using. For example, one of my burpee interval workout routines without a weight vest consists performing clapping pushup burpees with a tuck jump for 10 sets of 10 repetitions per set.

When I perform this same exact workout with a weighted vest (depending on the weight that I use) I alter my workout accordingly. I might shorten it from 10 sets to 8. Keep in mind that while you are performing 8-10 sets of burpees you are also running 80-100 yards in between each set with only about 60 seconds of rest. Sometimes you have to get a feel for how your workout is going and decide on the fly.

Weight Vest Workout Benefits

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