Wind Sprint Training

Wind Sprint Training

Wind Sprint Facts

  1. Do not sprint 100% if you are conditioning.
  2. Aim for 80—90% of your full speed. This will allow you to achieve the exact same results while avoiding injury.
  3. The only time you should perform wind sprints at full speed is if you are competing against someone next to you.
  4. Worry less about stride length and more about pushing off the ground with solid momentum.
  5. If you find yourself sprinting under 80-90% full speed, reduce the distance. Poor form during wind sprint training will not help you achieve the results you are looking for.

How Often & How Long

Loss weight and gain lean muscle by adding wind sprints to your training routine.

Loss weight and gain lean muscle by adding wind sprints to your training routine.

  1. Perform wind sprints no longer than 20-30 minutes per session, not including your warm-up.
  2. 1-3 times per week is all you need if you would like to add wind sprints to your training schedule.
  3. How often you perform wind sprint training per week is dependent upon what you are training for and how often you focus on weight training.

Why Wind Sprints Are Beneficial

  1. Wind sprint training increase your metabolic rate, which is essential for fat loss.
  2. Similar to other HIIT workouts, wind sprints allow you to burn calories after your training session is complete.
  3. Losing weight and building more lean muscle by performing wind sprints derives from EPOC (Excessive Post Exercise Consumption).
  4. Following wind sprint training, your body will burn calories at a very high rate as it repairs and builds muscle, replenishes nutrients that you burned off during your wind sprints and restores hormone levels.

Wind Sprint Training

Basic Wind Sprint Workout

*Create lines or stopping points at 10 yards, 15 yards and 20 yards.

  1. Sprint 10 yards – Touch the line – Sprint back
  2. Sprint 15 yards – Touch the line – Sprint back
  3. Sprint 20 yards – Touch the line – Sprint back


Elevation Training Mask 2.0

Elite athletes who train for different sports all around the world are using this elevation training mask to gain a competitive edge on their competition. I prefer using this mask during most of my HIIT workouts because it pushes my body into over drive and takes my workouts to a level that I used to never reach.

Wind Sprint Training

Using the elevation training mask to perform wind sprints will challenge you both physically and mentally. Click HERE or on the link below for more information.