X-Bike Interval Training


The X-Bike has several advantages over the tradition exercise bike. One key feature that is missing on the traditional exercise bike is the X bars that allow you to move the bike from side to side, which adds a more realistic element to riding a bike. It allows you to simulate riding a mountain bike and makes for a more complete and intense workout because of the ability it gives you to simulate sprinting and climbing.

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There are many gyms that have X-Bike classes with rooms that have over 25 or more X-Bikes. The gym I go to has a room with about 30 X-Bikes and there are typically 3-5 classes per day ranging from beginner (X) to advanced (XXX). Classes range from 30-50 minutes. If you can’t make it to a class, don’t sweat it. I often go in to the room when there is no class and ride alone. This should be okay as long as you are a paying member of the gym.

How The X-Bike Can Help You Achieve a Full Body Workout

The X bars have the ability to adjust the resistance for moving from side to side, which allows you to achieve a full body workout by working your upper body and your core, something that is not possible with the traditional exercise bike.

X-Bike Interval Training

Spend Less Time Exercising but Still Burn More Fat?

X-Bike riders can expect to burn anywhere from 400-600 calories during the course of a 30 minute workout. The X-Bike also has a mechanism that allows you adjust the resistance on the pedals so that you never have to remove your hands from the bars and disrupt your workout. Not only does this help increase the amount of calories you are burning, but it also decreases the amount of time needed to get an effective workout.

X-Bike Interval Training

Sample Workout:

Stand and sprint for 45 seconds with moderate resistance.

Sit and ride with decreased resistance for 30 seconds.

Repeat for 15-20 intervals.

*Try switching your position up to put more resistance on your legs instead of your entire body by sprinting while you are sitting on the bike and recovering for 30 seconds while standing.

Take Your X-Bike Workout to an Even Higher Level

Consider using an elevation training mask while exercising on an X-Bike to increase the intensity of your workout. The mask will enhance your breathing while forcing you to breathe much deeper than you are accustomed to. Basically, it will feel like you are nearly suffocating.

Using an elevation training mask not only opens up your lungs, but it also strengthens your diaphragm. Your body will be forced into over drive and it will only be a matter of time until you feel completely exhausted. The elevation training mask will add even more intensity to an already intense workout.